Sometimes photos of athletes go untagged because bib numbers were obscured by course elements or other participants during the event. Naturally, on rare occasions when this occurs, the identification process becomes complicated for our taggers and they are not always able to accurately discern all of the numbers on a bib, if the bib is even visible.  However, this does not mean that there are no photos of you.  It simply means that the photos may have gone untagged.  Below, we have provided you with tips on how to take full advantage of the search capabilities available through our iFrame.  These search methods do not require you to enter your bib number or name.

Searching by Time and/or Location

is an effective way to find photos of yourself that may not be tagged in the event's album. Simply enter the time frame in which you were at a specific location and the album will narrow down the results to match that criteria. Searching by time will narrow down the results to all photos taken within a specific time frame, whereas filtering by location will yield all photos taken at that location.

Searching with the geo-locater

reveals all of the photos taken during the same time frame and at the same location as any selected photo. This search method is especially useful if you ran with co-workers, friends or family members, and you were next to them at certain points throughout the race. Find a photo of any person of your choice who you remember being next to, then select the geo-locater. It's surprising how many awesome photos can be found this way!

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